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Dragon Nest


Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMO with a strong focus on action gameplay, which has found its way to North America and Europe after the release in South Korea and Asia in 2010. Due to its unique gameplay experience, Dragon Nest is considered as an insiders' tip in the MMO genre.


Dragon Nest stands out with total control over the character – an auto-targeting system has not been implemented into the MMO. Furthermore, as it is usual in Online RPGs, players need to team up with others to meet huge challenges.


If you are an active player in Dragon Nest and your goal is to have one of the best characters of the whole game and never shy away from any challenge, you will need Dragon Nest Gold, the ingame currency of the MMO. Use your Dragon Nest Gold to obtain outstanding equipment – the best weapons, the best armor, the best potions, and much more! Get your Dragon Nest Gold fast, secure and at a low price from MMOGA.


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