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8.6 Was skeptical but recieved the game code real quick! Would recommend!
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5 Link Quill Rain
5 Link Quill Rain
Quill Rain
Short Bow
Physical Damage: 4–11
Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Attacks per Second: 3.11
Requires Level 5, 26 Dex+(10 to 20) to Dexterity
100% increased Attack Speed
+(25 to 50) to Accuracy Rating
(50 to 100)% increased Projectile Speed
50% less Weapon Damage
ÔÇťThe rain of a thousand quills that whittle
present into past, life into death.ÔÇŁ
ÔÇö Rigvald of the Ezomytes
Quill Rain.png
Delivery time: 1-12 hours
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