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SRO Gold


SRO Gold – The ingame currency of the Online RPG Silkroad Online

The delivery takes place via a new account which is specifically created for you and will afterwards be completely at your disposal, including the ordered Gold deposit. Please take care to choose the right server during the order.

Silkroad Online takes you into a medieval Asia-themed fantasy world. As usual in an MMORPG, you create your character which will advance in levels in time. To be able to trade with other players and afford good equipment and weapons, you will need SRO Gold, the ingame currency for Silkroad Online.

Delivery type "Face to Face": 
An employee of the selected supplier will whisper to you ingame during your online time. We ask you to meet with the suppliers employee immediately so that he can hand over the Silkroad Gold to you as soon as possible.

Delivery time:
Provided that you are online during the respective period of time, we can deliver your Silkroad Gold within 5-30 minutes after the receipt of your payment in most cases!

8.5 Excellent service. Very quick and at a great price. Very happy.
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