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WildStar Leveling Guide

WildStar Leveling Guide
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WildStar Leveling Guide


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In the WildStar Leveling Guide you will discover how to reach the level cap in the MMORPG WildStar quick and efficiently, have lots of fun while doing so, and make a small fortune on the way to afford the right equipment for your needs! Get from level 1 to 50 within a few days – no problem with the WildStar Leveling Guide. And after that, you can enjoy the amazing end content of WSO!

Learn which quests in WildStar are the most rewarding and how to connect them effectively without wasting time, which mobs will grant you the most experience points, and much more. Detailed information in the WildStar Leveling Guide about all leveling regions, areas, specific classes and more will never let you feel lost in the game.


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