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World of Warcraft PvP Guide

World of Warcraft PvP Guide
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World of Warcraft PvP Guide

PvP combat is a fun and exciting aspect of World of Warcraft. Nothing can beat competing against a thinking, reacting person on the other side of the screen, right? Well, if you don't even know the basics of PvP, it can become a source of frustration and anger. Many players don't understand how different PvP is from regular questing or raiding, and often overlook PvP as a worthwhile part of the game because they find nothing but death when they enter a battleground. The Unofficial World of Warcraft PvP Guide will help you stay alive longer, rack up honorable kills, and obtain epic PvP gear to make your character even more powerful.


HIGHLIGHTS of this guide

- Strategies for every single battleground, from Warsong Gulch to Eye of the Storm
- A must-have item list for all Player versus Player encounters
- Tactics for every existing class in both Arena and Battlegrounds
- Lists of the best spells, skills and talent specs to have for PvP
- In-depth analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of different classes for PvP
- Advice for getting the best PvP gear through honor, Arena points and professions


PvP has never been the main focus for developers on World of Warcraft, and as such it can be difficult to find advice or mentors to help you maximize your PvP potential. Since you're playing against an intelligent person rather than computer pixels with coded behavior, speed, reaction and certain skills are vital.  Addons, strategies and in-depth knowledge about every single class can be what ensures that you are still standing at the end of the fight.  Learn to recognize the special abilities of other classes and what you can do to interrupt them, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of all the classes, including your own. Whether your focus is on world PvP, Battlegrounds or Arenas, you will find the information in this guide to help you dominate everyone else in PvP combat.

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