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Aion Assassin Guide

Aion Assassin Guide
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Aion Assassin Guide

You want to know how to become a master assassin? You want to outshine your friends and foes belonging to other classes? Where will you get the best equipment? You don't have enough Kinah to equip like a really lethal assassin? Find the answers in our Aion Assassin Guide and begin roughing up Astreia with your assassin!

Some of the insider tips from the Aion Assassin Guide include:

   * Become a Level 50 Assassin within 7 days
   * Find all stigma skills and equipment parts and choose the right ones to max out your assassin's potential
   * Efficiently defeat enemies all on your own
   * Become a Kinah millionaire
   * Optimize your macros like a pro

Leveling: Where are the best places to farm XP? Which quest should you take and which not? How do you climb up the levels real fast? Our guide offers you all necessary tips and tricks to get to Level 50 quickly.

Stigma skills: Our profound list of stigma skills enables your assassin even to cut through the heavy armor of a warrior and deal lethal damage with just a few moves.

PvPvE tactics: In PvPvE, two words sum up everything you need to become a successful assassin: timing and skill. Follow our strategy to be able to smoothly dispose of small groups of enemies, even though he usually is at a disadvantage when facing a superior number of enemies.

Macros: Find out how to improve your assassin's performance with our recommended macros.

If you want to learn all the secrets how to develop your assassin to become an ultimate killer, there is no reason to wait any longer. The Aion Assassin Guide is available for download directly after your purchase. Get the guide and get started!


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