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Aion Chanter Guide

Aion Chanter Guide
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Aion Chanter Guide

You would love to be invited to groups right away when you log into the game as a chanter? You want to know how to make the best of your stigma skills? How do the pros manage to boost their fellow group members for so long? How do you solo with a chanter? All these questions are answered in the Aion Chanter Guide. If you want to learn the secrets of a good chanter, you will find everything you need to know to achieve this goal in our Guide.

Some of the insider tips in the Aion Chanter Guide include:
   * Advance to Level 50 in just 7 days
   * Recommended stigma skills and equipment you shouldn't forget about
   * Improve your performance so your chanter supports fellow players well and also stand his ground alone against enemies
   * Make a fortune in Kinah with your chanter
   * Optimize your macros like a pro

Leveling: The Aion Chanter Guide shows you the places where the chanter gets the most XP in no time. Also you will find out which quest at each level fits your character best. In just 7 days, you can start bragging about your Level 50 chanter.

Stigma skills: Since the chanter is a real allrounder, there are many different stigma skills. If you want to know which set of skills fits your playstyle best, you can stop the experiments now. Just look it up in the Aion Chanter Guide.

PvPvE tactics: You want your chanter to be one of the best ín the field? Our guide shows you all the important tips and tricks to play the chanter in PvPvE. No matter if you want to stay in the back to support your group, weaken the enemy at the very front or do the fighting yourself – we can show you how to accomplish your goal.

Kinah: Chanters are able to heal themselves. This skill can be extremely helpful when you focus on gathering Kinah. Anyway, without a proper strategy you will lose a lot of time. We can show you how to do it best with our tested, lightning-fast Kinah gathering techniques.

You want to change your chanter's ways in Aion? You want to become acquainted with the secrets of the best players? Your search ends here. Use our Aion Chanter Guide and you'll find all the solutions. You can download the Aion Chanter Guide right after the purchase. Get our guide and enhance your playing experience!


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