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Aion Crafting Guide

Aion Crafting Guide
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Having a hard time with crafting in Aion? You cannot practise your craft as you would like to because you are constantly missing materials? The Aion Crafting Guide provides a remedy and will supply you with all necessary information about crafting in AION.


An accurate list of recipes and needed materials as well as helpful descriptions where to find those will save you a lot of time and nerve!

In the Aion Crafting Guide, you will get to know which quests to take in order to learn and eventually master your desired craft. A useful list of estimated Kinah and skill costs for each crafting level and each profession is also included.


Furthermore, in the Aion Crafting Guide you will receive detailed descriptions where to find materials for vitality and aether extraction which will make you able to farm ressources without even touching them!

Of course, all upcoming updates for the Aion Crafting Guide are completely for free – you will always stay up to date!



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