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Aion Gladiator Guide

Aion Gladiator Guide
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Aion Gladiator Guide

You want to more than the average gladiator? Want to kill mobs muc more efficiently? Where to find good equipment? Your problems can be solved! Get the Aion Gladiator Guide and discover how to become a respected and feared gladiator!

In our Aion Gladiator Guide you will find:
   * Strategies to reach the level cap within only 7 days
   * A compilation of skill sets providing more DPS, better survivability, improved tanking performance and much more
   * Knock your enemies' socks off real fast in PvPvE
   * Make the best of the Gladiator's versatility in handling weapons and armor
   * Optimize your macros like a pro

Leveling: Which places in Atreia grant the most combat experience for gladiators? Which quests give you the most experience in no time? Just follow our detailed but easy instructions and your gladiator will reach level 50 in no time!

Stigma skills: Forget about spending an awful lot of money using the trial and error method to optimize your gladiator's chain skills. Our profound list of stigma skills for the gladiator enable you to play easily with various, situation-based skill sets.

PvPvE tactics: Muscle power alone will not take your gladiator very far – but combined with the right technique and tactics which our gladiator experts provide, you can specifically react to everything your enemies will throw at you.

Gladiator equipment: Too much weapons and armor to choose from? Your irritation will end here. Use the Aion Gladiator Guide and you will always know which equipment sets fit to the role that your gladiator needs to take on.

You want to play the gladiator like a real pro? Get the Aion Gladiator Guide and take a look inside right away. It will help you become an elite soldier.



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