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Defiance Scrip Guide

Defiance Scrip Guide
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Defiance Scrip Guide


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Even in the world of the Shooter MMO Defiance, you need money to afford the best equipment. The currency in Defiance is called Scrip. Just like in real life, it can be hard to become rich and afford all the nice things you want – but with our Defiance Scrip Guide, you can easily make a fortune (in the game, at least)!

Always doing the same missions the hardly give a reward, relieving fallen enemies of their ridiculous belongings... there must be a better way – and there is! Find the best tips and tricks about effectively making a lot of Scrip in our detailed Defiance Scrip Guide.

Discover how to have a steady Scrip income in Defiance and finally get the equipment you need, find out about the most rewarding enemies, read advice from professional gamers, strategies about getting rich instead of just trying, and how to continue building your Scrip fortune in Defiance!

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