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Dota 2

Dota 2

Dota 2 is already one of the most popular and most played multiplayer online games of all time. The sequel to the extremely popular Warcraft 3 mod „Defense of the Ancients“ that established a whole new genre, was released in July 2013 as a free2play game. Dota 2 was developed under the direction of the original developer for Valve Software and is exclusively playable via Steam.

In Dota 2, you take control over a hero that can level up, receive new equipment and learn new skills just like in an RPG. However you will not play alone but in a team with 4 other players. In Dota 2, such hero teams face each other with the goal of conquering the enemy's base and destroying the opposing „ancient“. Additionally, you also face AI opponents in Dota 2.

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