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  • Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 1
    Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 1

    Dota 2
    Common Tool

    This treasure contains one of the following items, and may give duplicates if you open multiple:
    Cleaver of Delicacies of Butchery
    Shoulders of the Silent Champion
    Cloth of the Clergy Ascetic
    Scarab Pendant of the Priest Kings
    Necklace of the Wildwing's Blessing
    Royal Dagger of the Tahlin Watch - Off-Hand
    Bracers of the Dark Magic
    Collar of Command
    Thrashers of the Dreadful Abyss
    Arctic Hunter's Glove
    The Commodore's Bicorne
    Gauntlets of the Scarlet Raven
    Death Shadow Boots
    Bobusang's Jacket
    Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster
    And 612 others!
    Congrats on your level 1 reward! Open it up to receive your prizes.

    Delivery time: 1-12 hours
    £ 16.85
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