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Trust of the Benefactor 2016
Trust of the Benefactor 2016
Trust of the Benefactor 2016

Dota 2
Immortal Priceless Treasure

This treasure contains one of the following items, and may give duplicates if you open multiple:
Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits Set
The Ursine Ravager Set
Nimble Edge Set
Heirlooms of Aeol Drias
Rider of the Storm Set
Web of Thorns Set
Regalia of the Wraith Lord Set
Deep Warden Haul Set
Compendium Scorched Fletcher
The Obsidian Blade Set
Moonshard Overgrowth
Alpha Predator Set
Armor of the Sanguine Moon Set
Arms of the Bramble Lord Set
The Engulfing Spike
And 394 others!

In addition, this treasure has a chance of containing:
Fire Lotus Belt
Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor
Dragonclaw Hook
Pipe of Dezun
Perceptions of the Eternal Mind
Kantusa the Script Sword
Shattered Greatsword
Golden Gravelmaw
Drodo the Druffin
Golden Grasping Bludgeon
Golden Shards of Exile
Golden Staff of Perplex
Golden Huntling
Golden Severing Crest
Golden Sullen Hollow
Golden Lamb to the Slaughter
Lockjaw the Boxhound
Golden Doomling
Murrissey the Smeevil
Ice Baby Roshan
Lava Baby Roshan
Guard of the Red Mist
Axe of Phractos
Monarch Bow
Burning Fiend
Golden Nether Lord's Regalia Set
No seal or key is needed to open this treasure, as it is already unlocked. Within its confines lie treasures without equal.

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