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Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet is a fantasy MMORPG created by developer Runewaker Entertainment in Taiwan, who have already had worldwide success with the popular MMO Runes of Magic. In Dragon's Prophet, humans fight alongside dragons against a massive threat for the whole fantasy world... as not all dragons are considerate towards humans.

In Dragon's Prophet you will encounter more than 300 dragons that players can tame and lead to battle. Fight together with thousands of players worldwide in Dragon's Prophet in an amazing online gaming experience. Your player character will effectively bond with his dragon in a unique way, arranging for you to have access to very special abilities and developments. Found guilds, build your complete own villages and defend enormous castles against your enemies in Dragon's Prophet.

Here at MMOGA, you can get Dragon's Prophet Gold, the official ingame currency of the fantasy MMO. Use your Dragon's Prophet Gold to afford better equipment, weapons and much more, so you will be able to face even greater quests, challenges and dangers.

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