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Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI marks the first excursion of the exceedingly successful and popular Final Fantasy series into the genre of MMORPGs since its release in 2004.

FFXI takes place in the fantasy world of Vana'diel. Choose your character from one of five different races, from slender warriors with pointed ears to vigorous giants. You can decide to play freely, to follow missions and quests along the storyline or to improve your crafting skills.

Furthermore, in Final Fantasy XI you can raise your own Chocobo from an egg and eventually let it participate in races. Also, rather curious hobbies like gardening or clamming are available as a pastime.

Since the release of FFXI, ten addons have been published to extend the game experience. Become a part of the world of Final Fantasy XI, choose your race and class, and embrace the challenge of countless adventures!

MMOGA will accompany you on your travels through Vana'diel and provide you with several helpful guides for FFXI as well as the ingame currency "Gil".