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Guardians of Ember is the newest title from Runewaker, the developer behind Runes of Magic and Dragon's Prophet. Although the game is almost feature complete, we are still working on the English localization (now mostly finalizing Act 5), bug fixes and smaller balancing and polishing tasks. Instead of waiting for the complete localization we want to use the Early Access phase to gather feedback from the community by releasing Act 1 & 2 first (Act 3 was released during Christmas and Act 4 recently).


Developed by the hardcore gamers of Runewaker (the team behind Runes of Magic andDragon's Prophet), Guardians of Ember combines Hack'n'Slash and traditional MMORPG with a focus on action oriented combat in PVE and PVP as well as near endless character optimization. 


No matter if you prefer PvP or PvE, if you specialize in crafting and trade or professional monster slaying: To afford the necessary equipment and materials, you require the game's currency Guardians of Ember Gold. Here at MMOGA, you can buy Guardians of Ember Gold now and become able to afford everything you ever wanted to call your own in the MMORPG Guardians of Ember!