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Star Trek Online Ships Guide

Star Trek Online Ships Guide
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This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.


Probably the most anticipated feature of the Star Trek Online game is the starships. Whether you are a hardcore fan of the series or a newbie unfamiliar to the epic adventure, laser shooting starships and colossal fleets are indeed irresistible. Half of your experience in Star Trek Online will be in space with your almighty ship, which will require tactical decisions, a vast array of weaponry, careful warp core power allocation and most importantly, management of skill slots. If your goal is to shoot those battle cruisers down with a lower class starship or take down enemies with one hit during PvE battles, then our Star Trek Online Ships Guide is a must.



Highlights of this Star Trek Online Ships Guide


  • Find out the best set-ups for all the most popular and top of the class starships
  • See the whole list of starships featuring their strength, weakness and various informative statistics
  • Discover tactical strategies on how to team up with friends to take down mightier top-notch battleships to gain massive skill points
  • Get a full guide on equipping the ultimate weapons in Star Trek Online or the best bang-for-buck weapons
  • Check out how warp core power allocation can turn your disadvantage situation into your edge in battle
  • Learn to manage your skill slots to boost your enhancements and live to tell your voyage against a fleet of enemy vessels



Full ship setup: Your key to a successful career in Star Trek Online is no doubt a powerful ship with the ultimate setups. However, before you can get there, you are faced with plenty of trial and error. Our Star Trek Online Ships guide will take you through the ultimate set-ups for all the biggest demanding starships.


Whole list of starships: We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the starships available in the game, furthermore we have analyzed each and everyone of them. Strengths and weaknesses, the compatible weaponry, armory and various other essential statistics are just some of the many valuable information you will obtain with this Star Trek Ships guide.


Tactical Strategies: A first class starship will be useless against a mere cruiser if you have no strategies. On the contradictory, if a mere cruiser knows the right tactics and is aware of all the weaknesses of a superior battleship, then victory is surely possible. Check out this Star Trek Ships Guide to know the game and you will be in total control of the battlefield.


Weaponry guide: If you need to live through the battlefield, you need to be armed with the latest array of weaponry. More importantly, you have to know what weapons will fit your strategy and the enemy you are up against. This Star Trek ships guide will surely assist you through the massive selection of gear, whether it's a low-powered fast firing phaser type or the high-powered slow firing phaser.


Warp core power allocating: Get yourself accustomed with the warp core power allocation system immediately with our Star Trek Online Ships guide. The system is a new gameplay tactic that will enhance your gaming experience much more than just attacking and using spells. Allocate your power to the most crucial individual systems during each specific situation. We show you exactly how to proceed during defensive, offensive, PvP or PvE situations.


Manage your skill slots: Start adding enhancements to your ships today with slot upgrades and by assigning bridge officers to the various duty stations. Use your resources to the fullest of its potential and power up everything from accuracy to fire power as you see fit. Most definitely our Star Trek Online Ships guide will put together useful hints for how to optimize your ship's hidden capabilities.


Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.