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  • Battle Royale Wearables Crate
    Battle Royale Wearables Crate

    H1Z1: King of the Kill

    This contains skins for various types of items you find in the world. These skins are not consumed and will not be lost on death. This contains one of the following:

    Blue and Orange Backpack
    Blue Racing Helmet
    White Striped Motorcycle Helmet
    Camo Green Outback Hat
    Leather Flannel Vest
    Tan Cowboy Hat
    Long Johnston T-Shirt
    Greasy Joe's T-Shirt

    Eagle Flannel Vest
    Zimm's Yellow Racing Helmet
    Beige Golf Pants

    Blue Camo Tactical Helmet with Goggles
    PV Police Dept. T-Shirt

    or an Ultra Rare Item!

    Delivery time: 1-24 hours
    £ 1.83
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