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Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide

Tired of always being broke?  Can't afford the new kin house, better gear and a faster mount?  Players in Lord of the Rings Online know that gold is vital. It easily becomes obvious when you're in lack of. This guide will help you to never have to go without or a lack of ever again.

Financing your character's equipment, housing, and other things in LotRO can be frustrating.  Many of the “tricks” for gold grinding are tedious and boring.  The Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide is here to help.  This book will guide you through the gold-making process without endless mob farming or hours sitting at a craft table.  Learn the real secrets to making gold.


Featured in this Gold Guide:
- Efficient gold making strategies that yield huge amounts of gold and silver
- Learn which crafting profession can be most profitable and what items sell for best profit
- Turn every character into a gold-making machine
- Utilize the Auction Hall to its fullest, using the well-researched pricing guide in this book
- Find rare and mastery items you can profit from and learn strategies for defeating the named mobs that hold them with ease
- Learn the costliest mistakes players make when mastering professions through the craft tiers

Ever wonder which is more profitable: farming mobs or crafting for trade?  Which takes longer, what method works best, and how do these fit in with your play style?  The author of this guide spent hours play-testing each strategy, analyzing the mathematics, and discovering which items sell best for the long term and why.  Let other people make guesses and lose money trying to make gold.  This guide will show you how to do it profitably and quickly.

Learn to master craft skills and find out why it's worthwhile.  Find out what is needed to make each crafting tier in your chosen profession and get walk throughs for each of the crafting quests for the skills.  Learn how to make your own gear and discover gear that can be traded quickly for your own.  This saves big bucks over the AH!

Learn to make money while you explore and play.  Don't let gold making interfere with your regular questing and game play.  Learn how to combine both so you can have fun and make gold while doing it!  There are literally hundreds of gold-making opportunities in-game during normal questing and mob hunting.  Learn what they are and how to utilize them.

Tired of losing money in the AH or having your inventory pile up because you chose the wrong item to sell or because half of Middle Earth is selling that item now too?  Learn the tips and tricks needed to maximize your Auction House income and find out how to gain advantage in the market.

Find out what rare components sell for the most, where to get them, and how to kill the mobs that drop them.  Other crafters pay big bucks for these items and not everyone knows where to find them.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are included in this purchase price!  So when the Gold guide updates, you'll get notified and can download the latest version free of charge.  Always stay in-the-know with the latest gold-making strategies!


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