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Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide

How to level your hunter to 60 in less than a week?  What's the best way to solo, group, and instance with a Hunter?  What skills should your Hunter have and why?  How to reap a huge amount of gold so you can have the best gear for your Hunter?  All this and more is covered in this Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide. 

Get professional insights, a true Hunter-junky's knowledge, and find out what the experts in LotRO do with their Hunters for maximum benefit.  This guide covers everything from the basics to advanced gaming know-how. Start reading up on the information you need to become the top arrow flipper in-game.


Featured in the LotRO Hunter Guide:
- A leveling walk-through for step-by-step information on rising through the ranks towards level 60 in the fastest, most efficient way possible
- Find out the best quests, by level and area, to complete to maximize your progression
- Get the fool-proof guide for Hunter's stats, skills, traits, and equipment at every level
- Become a valuable hero to any group with expert grouping guides for fellowships and raids
- Find out the skinny on every vocation and profession, which will suit your play-style and fully realize your gold-making potential
- Find out what the best gold-making strategies are so you don't have to mob-grind or sit at the craft table making all the wrong stuff ever again


No more quest grinding that gets you nowhere! From start to finish, this LotRO Hunter Guide will give you the information you need to succeed in-game.  Look no further if your are in search for a guide which covers everything from choosing the perfect race when building your new Hunter to leveling through to 60. It's all here!

Personalize your character to match your style. Swipe in all the gold you'll ever need for the greatest gear and weapons.  Take your traits and skills to the max with high-end Hunter-only information. 

Find out what the best equipment are at each level and how you can get them.  Learn which weapons will maximize your play-style, how to utilize your skills, traps, and more to become a legend in Middle Earth.

Free updates: Your purchase today includes free updates to this guide as they become available.  As soon as the guide is updated with the latest information, you'll be notified and can download the latest version free of charge.  Always know the latest strategies and information for your Hunter!


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