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Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria Guide
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Killer Guides Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria Guide

Wonder what the latest is on this new expansion for the Lord of the Rings Online?  Not sure how to proceed now that you're suddenly looking at level 60 as a cap?  Confused about the end-game instances and raids added with this new LotRO expansion and how to beat them?  This Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria Guide is the answer to all your worries!

Whether you aren't sure how the Legendary Item system works or are wondering why it's so hard to get to level 60, this book has your answers.  Both the advanced player and the newcomer to Middle Earth will find this a complete step-by-step guide to maximize individual performance!  Navigate the maps with ease and find out what lies ahead before you delve into the Mines.

Charge into the forests of Lothlorien and the Golden Wood, learn where the deeds and best quests are in Moria, and make your unique Legendaries epic with this guide.


Highlights of the Mines of Moria Guide:
- Speed-level to 60 whether you're already at 50 or just starting out, with this step-by-step, zone-by-zone leveling guide
- Learn about crafting, specialization, and gold-making techniques to keep you fully loaded at all time
- Get to the top tier of your crafting guild's faction in 22 days
- Learn all of the latest traits, virtues, and more and how you can maximize them including the new Class Trait Sets
- Beat the Watcher with confidence with walk-throughs for the end-game content including instances and raids
- Learn about the changes to PvP, Monster Play, and what you'll need to know to make the most of this new arena


Walk-through levels 1 through 60 in no time and get the inside scoop on the epic quest line and instances.  Along the way, maximize your crafting and gold making yield as well as learn to combine questing with deed grinding to make the most of your time.

This MoM Guide includes full information on Legendary Items, Weapons and how to build them, utilize them for maximum profit, and more.  Learn how specific facets of questing, artifact control, and and strategies for group and solo play throughout Middle Earth can make make you a hero.

Get in-depth strategies for defeating the hardest of the LotRO instances and raids, from the 3-man Library in Eregion to the hardest of the end-game content: The Watcher.  Find out what the best group builds are, the best schemes to use, and where to get radiance gear so your group will easily tromp the boss mobs. 

Free updates: Your purchase of this guide includes free updates.  As soon as a new version of the Moria Guide becomes available, you'll be notified and can get it instantly.  This will put you on top with the latest information, as soon as it's available!


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