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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Gates to Infinity - 3DS

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Gates to Infinity - 3DS
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


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You will get your download code for the Nintendo 3DS game "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity" very soon by eMail. Using this code, you can download the game in the Nintendo eShop.


To do so, choose the Nintendo eShop in the Home menu of your 3DS, click on "menu", "Settings and more", then "Redeem download code". Here you can enter your code, then click on okay and the download begins.


This is the EU Version of the game, not the US version.



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Product description

Discover the incredible 3D world of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, where Pokémon speak and amazing adventures are always nearby! What’s more, you will become a Pokémon yourself! You’ll meet all kinds of Pokémon throughout the game, both in the towns you’ll visit and the Mystery Dungeons you’ll explore.

Have fun exploring more than 20 dungeons filled with all kinds of Pokémon, treasure, and surprises! Each of the dungeons you’ll explore has unique characteristics, including the Pokémon you’ll find, the number of floors in the dungeon, and the types of terrain you’ll have to deal with. Some of the Pokémon you battle will offer to join your team, too!

In addition to the dungeons you’ll delve into during the main story, you can use the Nintendo 3DS Camera to discover Magnagates—entrances to new dungeons—by scanning everyday objects around you!

Join up with people nearby who are also playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity to explore and battle through dungeons together! Up to four people can play at a time. You can play as any of the Pokémon on your team—you don’t have to battle as your main Pokémon character. 




  • Explore the infinite possibilities of Mystery Dungeons as they come to life with vibrant 3D graphics and detailed environments!
  • Become a Pokémon and travel through a fantastic land inhabited only by other Pokémon! Enlist their help as you build Pokémon Paradise!
  • Play as Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, or Axew, and talk with other Pokémon!
  • There’s a new adventure around every corner as you battle and befriend Pokémon, collect treasure, and explore Mystery Dungeons that change each time you enter!
  • Use the Nintendo 3DS Camera to discover Magnagates in the real world that lead to new Mystery Dungeons!
  • Play with up to 3 other people and explore Mystery Dungeons together in Companion Mode!


8.6 Was easy and got a great deal. ?Definitely recommended.