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Rift Guide

Rift Guide
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You almost break sweat as the rifts are getting larger und more difficult? You make strenuous efforts to reach the next level and still feel like you hardly advance? Do no longer let setbacks discourage you. Use the Rift Guide to discover everything that is important about RIFT, from optimal leveling strategies to the best opportunities to make Gold!


The Rift Guide grants you a huge knowledge step ahead of most other players, packed to the rim with information, strategies and hints that have been established in lengthy tests. No matter which class you have picked, this guide will provide you with detailed hints and useful tips for every situation in Rift.


Reach the highest level 50 within a few days, discover everything about the mist important quests, gain insight into the most effective PvP and Raid strategies, always find the best possible equipment for each level, read everything about the best tactics for solo and group play as well as gold making methods!


Furthermore, you will receive all future updates of the Rift Guide completely for free! Whenever a new version is available, you will be informed immediately about the possibility to download the Update directly.


Discover your destiny in Rift and become one of the best players of this fantastic MMO - with the ultimate Rift Guide!



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