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Rift Warrior Guide

Rift Warrior Guide
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Whatever you try to emerge victorious from a fight in Rift, your opponents prove to be too strong? You are fed up with the constant Trial and Error for the countless skills in pursuit of an appealing and well-playable character? You want to be one step ahead of all other players and finally find the skill set that fits your playstyle best? Utilize the tips and strategies from the Rift Warrior Guide to bring all your efforts to a worthy closure!


Discover everything about the optimal soul combinations, established leveling strategies, the best possible battle tactics for every kind of warrior, choosing of the right skills, weapons and equipment for your own, personally favored playstyle in RIFT, and much more!


Get from the very start of the game to the hightest level of 50 in no time, gain insight into the best PvP, PvE, Tanking and Raid strategies as well as skill combinations, PvP tips against enemies of all classes, detailed descriptions of the optimal weaponry for the warrior on each level, tips and tricks for solo and group play, and a complete explanation of all souls and their combinations, including recommendations by experts.



Furthermore, you will receive all future updates of the Rift Warrior Guide completely for free! Whenever a new version is available, you will be informed immediately about the possibility to download the Update directly.


Turn into an incredible one man army, resist all enemies in Rift and become a master of warfare - make sure to obtain priceless advanced knowledge with the Rift Warrior Guide!



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