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Rust is an open world multiplayer game where you have to do anything to secure your own survival. Build a safe shelter, provide yourself with fire and food, ally with other players and always be on guard for those that may be hostile! Go hunting in a game world that is equally beautiful and dangerous.

Rust is constantly being developed further and has a loyal fan community that keeps growing. Play with friends or take your chances on a Rust Server with complete strangers, where you can never be sure whom you will be able to trust. Maybe you should start firing right away? In Rust, your survival always comes first!

Here at MMOGA you can buy Rust Skins that enable you to customize your character in the survival game according to your preference. Armor, clothing, resources or weapons, here you will find the Rust Skin that will set your gear apart from that of other players. Buy Rust Skins now at MMOGA!