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15000k SWTOR Credits
Delivery time: 1-24 hours
Server: The Progenitor Republic
£ 4.72 buy 15000k SWTOR Credits

SWTOR Credits


There are two kinds of delivery for the SWTOR Credits you ordered at MMOGA: via ingame mail or directly face to face. With the delivery method „Ingame mail“, your SWTOR Credits are sent to you in the game by mail. You can check any mailbox in SWTOR and take your SWTOR Credits from the proper message. The Credits are attached to the ingame mail.


If you decide for the delivery method „Face to face“, an employee of our supplier will hand over your SWTOR Credits to you ingame. During the ordering process, please provide times when we can reach you in the game, and you will be notified within this period of time in SWTOR. Please meet the supplier instantly to get your SWTOR Credits. The meeting point will be announced via chat message.

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