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SWTOR Gunslinger Guide (Smuggler)

SWTOR Gunslinger Guide (Smuggler)
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Are you daring enough to use any opportunity of using situations to your advantage? The Gunslinger in SWTOR fights for victory with all means necessary. Whatever your intentions, this specialized smuggler with two blaster pistols will just go out and get anything he wants, no matter what the cost.

As a Gunslinger in SWTOR, stand your ground against enemies without help from others. Thanks to the precision and adaptness with his blasters and countless possibilities to eliminate his opponents or at least render them unfit to continue fighting, the Gunslinger is equally loved and feared in the SWTOR universe.

In our SWTOR Gunslinger Guide, you will find all necessary information about the specialization Gunslinger of the Smuggler class on the side of the Republic. Discover the best abilities and skill sets and earn a lot of credits by the way.

Here at MMOGA, you can also get the SWTOR Scoundrel Guide for the second specialization of the Smuggler or the SWTOR Smuggler Bundle including both guides.

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