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SWTOR Imperial Agent Bundle (Operative Guide + Sniper Guide)

SWTOR Imperial Agent Bundle (Operative Guide + Sniper Guide)
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If you prefer a sneaky and cold-blooded approach in MMOs, as it is usual with rogues or thieves, the Imperial Agent might prove to be the perfect class for you in SWTOR. Play as a perfect sniper or well-trained saboteur, carrying out the will of the Sith Empire in a much more covert way than the direct approach used by Sith Warriors.


The Imperial Agent is loyal to the Sith Empire in SWTOR. As a special covert operative, he relies on sophisticated sniper rifles equipped with advanced scopes and laser markers. The Imperial Agent can also create an energy barrier to shield himself against attacks or even call for devastating orbital strikes.


This SWTOR Imperial Agent Guide consists of both guides for the specializations Operative and Sniper. Therefore all relevant aspects of the Imperial Agent class in SWTOR are covered in our guides.

You can also particularly get the SWTOR Operative Guide and the SWTOR Sniper Guide at MMOGA.


Of course, all future updates of the SWTOR Imperial Agent Guide are included in the purchase.



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