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SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Guide (Jedi Knight)

SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Guide (Jedi Knight)
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One Jedi. Two lightsabers. Probably the coolest combat style of the Jedi is wielding a lightsaber in each hand and attacking his opponents with spectacular moves. As a Jedi Sentinel, you can witness your Jedi Knight in Star Wars The Old Republic becoming a master of lightsaber combat!


Use the advantages of fighting with two lightsabers and see the extreme damage potential of this unique fighting style. Also use the right Force powers, and your Jedi Sentinel will become a formidable combatant and very hard to beat for any enemy.


Thanks to our SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Guide, you can discover how to let your Jedi Sentinel reach the highest level in no time, learn about the most effective skill sets, read everything about the most rewarding quests and how to become tremendously rich in SWTOR.

Here at MMOGA, you can also get the SWTOR Jedi Guardian Guide for the second specialization of the Jedi Knight or the SWTOR Jedi Knight Bundle including both guides.


All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Jedi Sentinel Guide.


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