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SWTOR Powertech Guide (Bounty Hunter)

SWTOR Powertech Guide (Bounty Hunter)
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If you want to take the classic MMO role of a tank, play as a Powertech, a specialization of the Bounty Hunter in SWTOR. Protect your allies by getting in front of them and fighting off your enemies. Heavy plating, powerful shields and a lot of hightech equipment turn the Powertech into a walking fortress.

As a Powertech, you are an obstacle that is very hard to be dealt with for any opponent. Even Jedi will find it hard to penetrate your defense and technical skills. 

Learn to play the Powertech perfectly with the information in the SWTOR Powertech Guide. Discover the most rewarding quests, the best skill sets, find easily understandable instructions for the tech skills of the Powertech and get to know how to make a fortune in credits.

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