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SWTOR Smuggler Bundle (Gunslinger Guide + Scoundrel Guide)

SWTOR Smuggler Bundle (Gunslinger Guide + Scoundrel Guide)
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The smuggler class in Star Wars The Old Republic has a prominent role model: Han Solo, famous from the original Star Wars trilogy. Never shy of a brisk saying, fast with words and with guns, always equipped with enough luck and the sense for a way out of impossible situations – that doesn't only count for Han Solo, but also for the smuggler in SWTOR.

As a smuggler you can use covers to shoot enemies from a safe distance with blaster pistols and protect yourself from enemy fire. In SWTOR, smugglers are on the side of the Republic, though rather involuntarily because they dislike authority. In the universe of SWTOR, smugglers love to be in control of their own destiny.

This SWTOR Smuggler Guide consists of both guides for the specializations Gunslinger and Scoundrel. Therefore all relevant aspects of the Smuggler class in SWTOR are covered in our guides.


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