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SWTOR Trooper Bundle (Commando Guide + Vanguard Guide)

SWTOR Trooper Bundle (Commando Guide + Vanguard Guide)
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The Trooper in SWTOR is an elite soldier of the Republic military and mainly relies on heavy armor and extreme firepower thanks to enormous guns. Eliminate your enemies in Star Wars The Old Republic from a safe distance or stand your ground in melee combat. The Trooper is already regarded as a popular allround class in SWTOR.

As a loyal member of the army of the Republic, the Trooper joins the battle with blood, sweat and tears. His massive armor makes him an excellent choice for everyone who wants to play a tank in SWTOR, but he can also deal out a lot of damage with his big guns and support allies in battle. The Trooper belongs to an elite special force of the Republic.

You can also particularly get the SWTOR Commando Guide and the SWTOR Vanguard Guide at MMOGA.

This SWTOR Trooper Guide consists of both guides for the specializations Commando and Vanguard. Therefore all relevant aspects of the Trooper class in SWTOR are covered in our guides. Buy SWTOR Trooper Guide at MMOGA!


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