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SWTOR Vanguard Guide (Trooper)

SWTOR Vanguard Guide (Trooper)
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Vanguard. The name of this specialization of the Trooper class in SWTOR says it all. If you want to feel like an indomitable bulwark on two legs, becoming a Vanguard is the right choice for you in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Use the strengths and assets of this specialization of the Trooper perfectly, get in front of your comrades and confront your enemies, find the right mix between offense and defense, and make sure that Vanguards will always be feared opponents in SWTOR!

In our SWTOR Vanguard Guide, you will learn to optimize your skills and combat power to reach the level cap in no time, how to always have the best gear available, which quests are most rewarding for your Vanguard and how to make a fortune in credits by the way.

Here at MMOGA, you can also get the SWTOR Commando Guide for the second specialization of the Trooper or the SWTOR Trooper Bundle including both guides.

All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Vanguard Guide.


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