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Airport Simulator 2018

Airport Simulator 2018
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Airport Simulator 2018


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Manage a huge international airport! Your duties reach from staff scheduling over vehicle purchase to the handling of airlines.

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Product description


You are managing a huge international airport! Your duties reach from staff scheduling and arrangement over purchasing the vehicles and their maintenence to the handling of an ever-growing selection of different airlines. In the begining it's all up to you. But later on you can get your own employees which you have to educate so you can give them the tasks of your airport. Refuel and navigate the jetway and also the baggage cars, busses and fire brigade, plus the security to make sure everything is smooth sailing. Bit by bit you will be collecting more experience and the airport is growing bigger and bigger. You're getting more runways and gates and that means also more planes. As you see, there is a lot to do, so let's get started!





  • A massive realistic airport
  • The airport is growing through the experience of the player (Runways, Gates, Buildings)
  • Detailed airplanes and vehicles from real airlines
  • Staff scheduling and training
  • Watch out! Don't damage the vehicles, that can cause injuries to the staff
  • Intelligent AI and help animations
  • Get in and drive with any vehicle you want on the airport by yourself



System requirements

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