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Total War Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition

Total War Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition

Buy Total War Rome 2 Enemy at the Gates Edition now!

You will receive the key for the game by Segavia eMail within the delivery time stated above.Download the game FULL speed for free via the Steam network.Steam can be found here.

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

Delivery time: 1-24 hours
Stock: available
Region: EU
Platform: Steam
RRP £ 26.07

£ 16.51

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Total War Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition

£ 16.51

  • Product description

    Contents of the Enemy at the Gates Edition

    • Total War Rome 2 (original game)
    • Completely new, extensive campaign "Emperor Augustus"
    • Many available free DLCs and all patches released up to now, including culture packs, campaign maps and improvements
    • New contents and features: New units, revised building management, new events, family pedigree, and much more
    • Hannibal at the Gates (DLC)
    • Empire Divided Campaign Pack (DLC)
    • Seleucid Empire Faction Pack (DLC)
    • Baktria Faction (DLC)

    How far will you go for Rome? Become the world’s first superpower and command the most incredible and vast war machine of the Ancient world. Dominate the enemies of your glorious empire by military, economic and political means.

    Your rise will bring admiration from your followers but will also attract greed and jealousy, even from your closest allies.

    Will betrayal strike you down, or will you be the first to turn on old friends? How much are you ready to sacrifice for your vision of Rome? Will you fight to save the Republic, or plot to rule alone as Dictator – as Emperor?


    • The creators of the award-winning Total War series set a new benchmark for strategy gaming quality and depth, taking their signature mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay to new heights.
    • An epic-scale turn-based campaign mode in which to plan your conquest of the known world – in any way you see fit.
    • Feel the thunderous clash of battle as the Roman war-machine takes to the field in real-time combat. Tens of thousands of men collide in bone-splintering detail that you directly control.
    • All-new graphics engine: see exotic ancient cities and colossal armies rendered in incredible detail, while jaw-dropping cinematic battles unfold. New unit cameras allow you to see The battle from every perspective.
    • Completely scalable experience, with performance optimised for your PC or laptop. Witness the awesome scale of Total War: Rome II, no matter what your spec.
  • System requirements

    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    Intel Dual Core CPU 2.0 GHz or SIngle Core CPU 2.6 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, 512 MB VRAM
    35 GB free HD space
    Resolution: 1024 x 768

    Windows 7 / 8
    Intel Core i5 CPU (2nd generation)
    4 GB RAM
    DirectX 11 compatible video card, 1 GB VRAM
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080