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TERA Archer Guide

TERA Archer Guide
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Light armor, easy target? If anyone underestimates the Archer class in TERA like that, he might very soon find himself down to earth – pierced by a volley of perfectly aimed arrows. From a safe distance, the Archer in TERA is an extremely dangerous adversary who puts his enemies under pressure with ranged attacks, yet the Archer also shouldn't be treated lightly in close combat.

As an Archer in TERA, you are playing an happy-go-lucky class. Of course, the Archer has his strengths in ranged combat, but he is also a capable of standing his ground in melee battles. In addition, the Archer relies on an animal companion in battle.

Everything you need to know about the Archer class in TERA to obtain optimum performance with your character, can be found in the TERA Archer Guide. Learn about the most important skills and tactics, survive in PvE and PvP, and make lots of Gold with the specific abiltiies of the Archer. All this and even more can be yours to know – buy TERA Archer Guide at MMOGA!


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