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TERA Mystic Guide

TERA Mystic Guide
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As a Mystic in TERA, you have a very powerful class at your disposal, provided that you know how to handle the talents and skills of the Mystic. With mystical spells to summon spirits and elements, the Mystic in TERA can damage or incapacitate his enemies, and protect or heal his allies. With lots of possibilities, the Mystic in TERA is quite versatile.

In a certain way, the Mystic has almost vampiric abilities, as he can leech health and mana from his enemies in TERA to weaken them, making it easier for his allies to finish them off. As a Mystic in TERA, you tread the fine line between light and darkness, healing and damage, creation and destruction.

In the TERA Mystic Guide that you can get here at MMOGA, read eveything worth knowing about this amazing class. Reach the level cap in no time, make lots of Gold and defeat all kinds of opponents. Buy TERA Mystic Guide now at MMOGA and get all future updates for free!


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