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TERA Slayer Guide

TERA Slayer Guide
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If you want to leave a path of destruction everywhere you tread in TERA, the Slayer is the perfect class for you. Equipped with massive weapons and powerful armor, his terrible sight alone spreads panic among his enemies. The Slayer in TERA executes terrific attacks on his opponents and fights mercilessly until the bitter end... of his enemies.

The Slayer, with his heavy plating and mighty weapon might not be the most nimble class in TERA, yet he compensates easily with a good overview and quick decisions. In melee battles, almost no one can match the Slayer. If the blade of a Slayer finds its target, he only leaves death behind in TERA.

At MMOGA, you can now buy TERA Slayer Guide and find out about everything you need to know about this fantastic class. Learn about the best PvE and PvP tactics and make sure that the name of your Slayer in TERA is always uttered in awe! All future updates are included in the purchase price.


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