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TERA Warrior Guide

TERA Warrior Guide
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You are a Warrior, a champion in the art of war. Your swordwork is nothing less than perfect, and you take advantage of everything in TERA to destroy your enemies – no matter how dirty you have to fight. As a Warrior, you are meant to succeed. Defeat is not an option for the Warrior in TERA.

Wielding two swords at once in perfect harmony, the Warrior uses a ferocious, swift and agile fighting style to overcome any odds in battle. Speed and guile are essential for this amazing class in TERA and his gracefully precise way of killing. An attacking Warrior is hard to resist, but he must always watch his defense. His agility comes for the price of lighter armor than other melee classes in TERA.

Find out everything worth knowing about the Warrior class in our TERA Warrior Guide. Learn how to level up quickly, make lots of Gold, stand your ground in PvE and PvP, and use the awesome abilities of the Warrior in TERA in the most effective way. Buy TERA Warrior Guide now!


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