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The Secret World PvP Guide

The Secret World PvP Guide
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To many players, player vs. player (PvP) battles are the supreme discipline in MMORPGs. Due to the numerous skills that are available to characters in The Secret World and even more possibilities to combinate them, it is difficult to assess an opponent in TSW and brace yourself for a fight. With The Secret World PvP Guide, you get all the information you need about PvP in TSW.


Learn about the best strategies for group or solo PvP encounters in The Secret World, discover outstanding skill builds, read about strengths and weaknesses of every fighting style and how to avoid weak points, make use of the right sequence of skills to make your enemies in TSW go down quickly, find the best equipment that might give you an edge – all this and more can be found in The Secret World PvP Guide.


Become one of the most respected and feared PvP players in The Secret World thanks to the detailed information in The Secret World PvP Guide! All future updates are included in your purchase.


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