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TSW Key / Gamecard

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TSW Key / Gamecard


Welcome to The Secret World, where every legend, every myth and every conspiracy theory is nothing but the plain truth! Experience a fantastic MMO in a real world scenario and face your worst nightmares. Because dark days are coming. Everything is true in The Secret World. Everything.

Outstanding graphics and innovative game elements turn The Secret World into a real insiders' tip among MMORPGs. In TSW, you will find no strict classes and no levels, you can always act flexible and change your role by equipping another weapon of your choice. Choose your side in The Secret World, joining the Templars, the Illuminati or the Dragons to stand your ground against the darkness... and against the other organizations.

Here at MMOGA you can get your TSW Key that grants you access to the full version of the game, as well as TSW Gamecards to extend your playtime in The Secret World. You will hardly get your TSW Key and your TSW Gamecard cheaper and faster than from MMOGA!

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