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Twin Saga


Twin Saga

Twin Saga is an anime style MMORPG. As usual in the genre, players pick one of 4 classes for their created character first: Swordmaster, Mage, Dragonknight or Gunslinger. While playing the game, you can unlock 6 more classes:  Hunter, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue, Berserker and Occultist. A special feature of Twin Saga is the possibility to switch your class at all times! Choose your class depending on which role you are needed in at the very moment.

No matter which class you pick in Twin Saga, special skills will be at your disposal. Using these will fill a skillpoint bar that, once fully charged, allows you to unleash especially powerful and spectacularly animated ultima skills. Beyond that, you are able to have companions at your side, the Senshi, which have skills and ultima skills of their own and will grow increasingly powerful over time.

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