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Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time Remake

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time Remake

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Experience the classic tale that redefined action-adventures in this full-scale remake for a new generation.

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Delivery time:2026
Platform:Ubisoft Connect
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Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time Remake
  • Product description

    Amidst the scorched sands of ancient Persia, there is a legend spun in an ancient tongue. It speaks of a time borne of blood and ruled by deceit. Drawn to the dark powers of a magic dagger, a young Prince is led to unleash a deadly evil upon a beautiful kingdom.

    Originally released in 2003, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time left its mark with players thanks to innovative gameplay, a compelling story and charismatic characters!

    Unlock Prince of Persia, the original game from 1989, along your adventure then access it from main menu whenever you want.


    • You are the Prince of Persia. Embark on a journey to save your kingdom from the treacherous Vizier
    • Master the Sands of Time and use your dagger to reverse, accelerate, freeze, and slow time itself
    • Fight cursed enemies and solve puzzles along the way
    • Experience incredible graphical enhancements and re-designed gameplay mechanics
  • System requirements