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WoW Power Leveling

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WoW Leveling Package 100-110

WoW Leveling Package 100-110

With our WoW Powerleveling Service package "WoW Leveling Package 100-110" your World of Warcraft character will be leveled completely from 100-110.
*Demon Hunter will be leveled from 98-110.

This package contains the following extra goods and services:


* 4000 Gold extra

* Complete Item Level 780+

1500 points for legendary weapons
* Most 100-110 Quests done

* all drops during the service kept

* 100% handwork by professionals


Duration: 12-24 Hours

£ 42.69 buy WoW Leveling Package 100-110

WoW Power Leveling


Not enough time? With our WoW Powerleveling, we take care of leveling your character. No bots or programs will be used.


To keep your anonymity, we talk to nobody ingame. We can arrange a fitting answer if your character is contacted by friends or guild members.


Found items and the collected gold remains on your account.