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Aion is one of the most popular high quality fantasy MMORPGs in the world today. Created in South Korea by a development team of NCsoft, AION has since been released in many countries all over the world and came to prominence in North America, Europe and Asia. Combining PvP and PvE elements alike, Aion approaches different types of gamers who can find their common ground in the amazing game world. Here at MMOGA, you can buy Aion Kinah, the ingame currency, as well as Aion Powerleveling services and useful Aion Guides for classes, crafting and more.

Aion is played by millions of players worldwide and has been expanded and optimized massively since its launch in 2009. A major addon was released in 2010 under the name AION: Assault on Balaurea, adding even more content to the game world. In 2012, Aion was converted to a Free2play model, meaning that everyone is able to join the ranks of players without needing to pay regular fees. Anyway, to become one of the best players, you need more than skill and time: You require the best equipment you can get in the world of AION. The ingame currency Aion Kinah is necessary to afford amazing weapons, armor and many more useful items. Fortunately, you can buy Aion Kinah at a favorable price here at MMOGA!

In AION, two opposing factions are engaged in constant battles for supremacy. You choose one of these sides before picking your class when you get started. Later, you can join legions (mostly known as guilds in other games) and participate in outstanding multiplayer battles against the forces of your enemy. The PvE main plot of Aion revolves around your rise to become a great warrior for your faction, while you complete important tasks, kill monsters and enemies and earn a certain reputation. No matter which side you choose, you can always use money to afford amazing gear! Buy Aion Kinah at MMOGA and get the stuff you need to become an outstanding player in AION!

Possibly the most standout feature in AION is the ability to fly and wage battle in the skies. Every character receives the skill of flight at level 10, which allows faster travel, plays a major part in certain quests and allows for amazing aerial fights. Furthermore, lots of different quests, group play in special areas, a detailed crafting mode and many more interesting contents add to the fascination of Aion. If you need crafting materials, better armor and weapons, or any other items that you cannot afford in AION, just come over to MMOGA and buy Aion Kinah at a convenient price!

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