How and where to place the MMOGA partner link

The usage of your partner link is fairly easy. There are three placement possibilities:


1. The Video Description


The most important point is choosing the right place within the video description.

As it is a fact that most viewers do not click the “show more” button in the video description, it is very important that you place the link in the first, second or third line of the description.


Use the text “Buy Gamekeys & Gamecards at MMOGA” and shorten the ref-link to the MMOGA main page ( with the MMOGA url shortener (*Please note the tutorial shown below).


Link in video description


2. The About Section / The banner (channel art)

Besides the channel description your partner link should also be visible in your banner. This is easily done. All you have to do, is make sure, that the link is used as the first link in your about section and to choose the “Overlay first link on channel art” option. Please make sure to use the unshortened link this time and to use the link description

Buy Gamekeys & Gamecards here


Link in about / channel art



The final result should look like this:


Link in channel art


3. The Channel Description

This section offers you the possibility to describe your channel and to use a longer and more general description of your partner link. We suggest you to use the phrase “Buy cheap Gamekeys, Gamecards and Gold at MMOGA” followed by the link to the MMOGA main page with your ref-id.


Link in channel description


Following these easy guidelines will help to increase your clicks remarkably.


Of course you are free to put more links into your about section. You could for example put a FIFA Coins link to every platform. Here is an example:


 Link in about section


*How to create a short url

Creating a short url is very simple. Before you can start, you have to log into your MMOGA affiliate account, then navigate through the website to the section or product that you would like to link.


You now have to decide if you want to link to the entire section, or only a sub-section. Choose the section that you want to link to, or stay on the overview and press the “Link to page” button in the left navigation bar.


 Create Short URL



A popup window, which offers you a long and a short version of your affiliate link will open. You can now copy the version of the link that you would like to use.


URL Shortener



You can use the “Link to page” function for every section of the MMOGA website and create links with your personal REF-ID quickly and easily.