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Payment methods



The Maestro debit card, a product offered by MasterCard, constitutes a prepaid deposit of funds that is accessible in a simple, secure and fast way. A debit card is virtually the contrary of a common credit card. The payment method via Maestro is currently available to customers from the UK, Spain or Austria only.

If you choose the payment method Meastro Debit, the funds you have defined are accessed and charged with the price of the products you intend to purchase. The transaction takes place immediately and no further costs arise. The only thing you have to do is to verify the payment by entering your personal identification number (PIN) to identify yourself.


Quickly gaining a good reputation and high popularity in the field of financial services, Debit/Prepaid products offer quick and simple access and a distinguished level of control over your funds. A large number of online shops already offers this kind of payment and many are joining in the trend.


Fast and direct payment, high security, no additional transfers; the advantages of Debit/Prepaid payment products make for rising popularity of this payment method. Maestro is one of the market leaders in prepaid payment products and especially popular in European countries and will certainly remain one of the leading products in the Debit/Prepaid field.

Please note: This specific payment method (Maestro) is only available to customers which have chosen the countries UK, Spain or Austria during the registration to the MMOGA Online Shop.